Angelina Jolie Is Missing Brad Pitt Everyday and Rethinking About Divorce

It was shocking for everyone who loves the Hollywood most favorite couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When Angelina filed divorce then it was like bad ending of great relationship. Nobody has expected it as they considered as the most loyal couple but don’t know what went wrong between both of them. But now it seems that Angeline is realizing that it’s not that easy to forget her love. Even the kids are missing their father too much. It might be possible that Angeline would give a second thought to her marriage with brad Pitt. A trustable source informed that Angelina has filed the divorce but she is not able to accept the loneliness and get rid of Brad Pitt. It is quiet difficult for her to forget him as she misses him everyday. As Brad Pitt is not in her life but she still think of her everyday and misses his sense of humor.


We can get slight idea of that Angelina is giving a second thought to her marriage and Brad Pitt has not yet filed divorce in span of one month period. It may be possible that they both would try to solve their difference out of the court and we hope that the things will going well. At the present time Brad Pitt is under investigation of charging for child abuse from Department for child Abuse. However he has been granted to meet with his children but is under the monitoring of the Department. The Hollywood actor allegedly got physical with his eldest child Maddox (15) hence her met only one or two time with him. But Brad Pitt met with his other children Shiloh (10) , Zahara (11), Pax (12) and their twins Vivienne and Knox. Well whatever would happen but all the well wisher and fans want them to reunite.


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