Bigg Boss-10 New Controversy, Swami Om JI Maharaj Will be sent to Real Jail

As a viewer and Bigg Boss fan it is good that Bigg Boss -10 is started in this month of 16rth October. Bigg boss is always come with surprise as it has full entrainment value in reality TV shows. And we can see that it is consecutively running from last 10 years. Although this format has been derived from foreign country but we must admit that this format is quiet popular among the people. Generally we have seen that contestants who participated in Bigg boss have some controversial life. And big boss prefer those personality who have been involved in any controversy ion their life.


In the recent Bigg Boss season -10 we have seen the OM JI Maharaja who claims that he has great knowledge of Tantra Sadhna. But now there is controversial move in his life. Now Om Swami has to appear on the court on November 8 at any cost, because he has been accused of stealing 11 bicycles and spare parts from his brother shop in Lodhi colony along with his group. The past record of swami OM JI is not bright. We have know that he is has been accused for keeping arms and ammunition and the case is filed against him under arms act and TADA.


Swami OM Ji also accused of keeping vulgar pics of women and blackmailing them to extort money. Well according to the report Swami will be evicted from Bigg boss and because will have to go outside to keep the court proceeding. Well we don’t know what will happen next in Bigg boss but as we know that Bigg Boss guarantee you dose of entertainment, controversy, fights and personality conflict. Like other Bigg Boss season Salman Khan is again hosting the Bigg Boss show. I think audiences this is the popularity of Salman khan among the audience which makes Bigg boss producer not replace in past 4-5 years. Till then enjoy the Bigg Boss season -10 and get the high entertainment dose.


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