Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan are NOT heading for a Divorce

In the year 2016 the most shocking separation was between Arbaaz khan and Maliaka Arora. Earlier it seems that the divorce between both of them is rumor. But the last year both of them have given the joint statement that they both are separating. It has been almost 1 year since they both are living separately. Recently Maliaka has attended in the karwa chowth dinner in Mumbai based restaurant suburban. But the buzz is that they both are rethinking about their marriage and they font have plan split right now. If this is true that it will be good news for the fans of Maliaka and Arbaaz.  According to local tabloid Maliaka and Arbaaz is going to file divorce by the end of this year but it seems that they have dropped the idea.


Maliaka and Arbaaz have taken the advice of the family lawyer Kranti Sathe and it was reported that they both were to file Divorce after Diwali but it’s not gonna happen too soon.  The report suggests that they both have postponed the idea of fling divorced. After 18 years of marriage it might be the family which makes both of them time taking for the divorce. Well we don’t know what happen in the life of Arbaaz and Maliaka but we hope that they are thinking to give second chance to their married life then it would be great decision as they have the time to remove their misunderstanding.



However both have given the joint statement over the press that they both are taking a break from their relationship and they need time to figure out all the things smoothly. We don’t where our life will go in future, but right now it is true that we are separating. It is speculated that Maliaka has taken the decision separating from Arbaaz sue to his career instability. Arbaaz did not drive his career in successful way; even he is getting shelter of his superstar brother Salman Khan. So Maliaka was very upset That Arbaaz hasn’t been so successful and financial rich as like his brother. Well we are hoping that couple will rethink over their decision and try to solve their personal issue. Arbaaz has tried his hand in producing the film; however his skills of direction and producer hide under the stardom of his Superstar Brother Salman khan. But we hope that the new inning of Arbaaz as a producer will definitely give him lots of success and he would be able main his marriage as expected.   malaika-arora-strikes-a-sultry-pose-201609-800018

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